A Serverless WordPress!

This website is [ NOT ] running on a “serverless” installation. For a webmaster like me, that means there is no server to manage!

The website/server is hosted on the AWS cloud, using Fargate (Amazon’s managed server provisioning service) with Elastic Container Service (ECS) running a “Docker” containerized WordPress instance. WordPress is using Amazon’s Aurora Relational Database Service (RDS) for it’s MySQL database, and Elastic File System (EFS) for the usual WordPress file layout – Themes, Plugins, and Media Library Uploads. And just in case this website gets really busy, it’s using an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) to distribute traffic across multiple server instances, as needed. Completely automated scaling!

Here is the tutorial I used to get this website up and running:


Thanks, Vignesh!

Once I got the HTTP website up and running on Amazon’s AWS.COM domain, it was an easy matter to create a DNS alias to it. As it happens, all my DNS management is on Amazon Route53. (All my client domains are registered elsewhere.) So it was an easy matter to create a new OAKLEYSTUDIO.COM subdomain and point it to this WordPress site.

After that I had two more things to try out on this serverless website, to answer these questions:

  • Could I hook this site up to ManageWP and be able to perform daily site updates as I do for all the client sites I manage on EC2 servers?
  • Could I install a SSL/TLS digital certificate on a website that is using Auto Load Balancing to distribute traffic across several instances of this website?

The answer to both of these questions is YES! For ManageWP, I was able to install the “ManageWP Worker” plugin on the site and hook it into my WordPress management console. And for the digital cert, I used Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) to create a certificate for my “serverless.oakleystudio.com” domain, and then go to the ELB service and install the certificate – on the load balancer!

So the load balancer is the gatekeeper that provides secure encrypted connections for everyone visiting this website.

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